Food Testing and Food Sensitivity Helps with Migraines



Migraine Headache Case Study!
This patient reacted to:
✅Egg Whites
✅Green Beans
✅Kidney Beans
Again, MOST would consider the above foods pretty healthy. They are NOT healthy for this patient.

Making just a few changes diminished this patient’s migraines from 5-6/week down to 1-2/week and we are still making progress…

We START with modifying the diet and that works to reduce INFLAMMATION…and we continue to build from there….with teh END GOAL to FIND & FIX the root cause of the problem…NOT just mask it with medication!

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Dr. Stiffey is a chiropractor who focuses on helping chronic condition patients get their lives back using functional nutrition, cellular healing, cellular detoxification, cranial adjusting, Gonstead Chiropractic, Trigenics, Functional Medicine, and many specialized treatment protocols.

Conditions that have responded to Dr. Stiffey’s approach include:
Peripheral Neuropathy,
Knee Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Disc Problems
Severe Low Back Pain
Food Sensitivity Testing
Food Testing
Nutrient Deficiencies
Weight loss resistance
Autoimmune disorders
Digestive disorders
Chronic fatigue
Heart disease
Thyroid disorders
Sleep disorders
Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)
Hormone Imbalances
Chronic pain
Joint injuries
and more.
His private practice is located in Columbia Missouri and Palmyra Missouri. His patients come from all walks of life. When he is not enjoying time with his family and friends he devotes much of his time to research in the fields of neurology, functional nutrition, cellular healing, cellular toxicity, and natural healing.
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DISTANCE PATIENT PROTOCOL: Dr. Stiffey works with distance patients all over the world via Internet (and/or telephone in the U.S.). If you are interested in working with him, please call his office at 573-607-2727 or 573-769-2400 or email his staff at:
Due to his demanding schedule Dr. Stiffey only accepts a very limited number of distance patients. Please note that applying to become a patient in his clinic does not automatically mean acceptance.
After the consultation, Dr. Stiffey will review all of the information and he will decide if he will accept your case. Dr. Stiffey only accepts those cases that he truly feels that he can help!

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