Causes of Neuropathy

Hey guys, Dr. Scott Stiffey again.

I just wanted to make a quick article for you guys today.

A lot of our patients today were asking me about what’s the cause of their neuropathy.

They tell me they’ve been to a bunch of different doctors and they’ve had a bunch of different tests run. Yet they’re still not really sure of what is going on. I just wanted to make this article to give you some of the common causes.

The big one everybody always thinks about is diabetes, right?

And, that’s definitely true.I think the research shows that about 60% of
people that have diabetes also have neuropathy.

But it’s also true that that’s only about 30-35% of the patients with
neuropathy is from diabetes.

So there are a lot of other causes.

Another big one is if you have poor circulation down into your legs and
your feet, or your hands.

That’s definitely gonna play a big role in helping you to get more numbness, tingling,different types of neuropathy
in your legs and feet.

Some patients get it from toxic exposure. They could be exposed to different types of chemicals,it could be from where you work or where you live.

Other patients, they get the neuropathy after their chemo.

You know, your cancer’s better,but now you have the neuropathy,and so there are still many protocols we can do to help the neuropathy symptoms.

Some patients get it after surgery,different types of surgery, sometimes that can be one of the lasting effects
is having the neuropathy,numbness, tingling, burning.

A big factor that a lot of people don’t think about is spinal stenosis.

If you have spinal stenosis in your neck or your lower back, that can definitely cause neuropathy if those nerves get pinched.

And that affects the nerves going all the way down your legs or your arms.

Autoimmune diseases are becoming more prevalent now. Many times they have many different causes and symptoms. They definitely can play a role with neuropathy.

Different types of infections, viral or bacterial.

We’ve had some patients from alcohol abuse. Alcohol is not very good for your nerve tissue,
so if you’re drinking too much, that definitely can be a factor.

And different types of diseases, thyroid disease,kidney disease, liver problems.

And then also, there’s just some medications, that’s one of their side effects.

So you may need it for some other health issue but that could be a side
effect that you’re having.

There may be something we could do to help you.

We don’t know without doing an evaluation. If you would like to come in, and we can determine if you would be a good candidate for the program then give us a call. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and help. Please leave a comment or give us a call at 573-607-2727

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