Can Heartburn be helped with Chiropractic Adjustments?

Yes Heartburn can be improved with adjustments. I know this sounds strange to many that don’t understand the principles of Chiropractic, and the nervous system but we see cases like this every day. I will just give a brief overview and I will be writing and doing some videos on it later.

The brain controls everything in your body right? Yes of course. The brain then communicates to the rest of the body by sending signals up and down the spinal cord and then to the nerves throughout the body. THe spinal cord is encased by bones that make up your spinal column.

If those bones and joints in the spinal column become misaligned they then put pressure on the corresponding nerves that come out between them. That causes an impaired signal. If we get the joints realigned to be where they should then the nerves work properly. If not then they cause dysfunction to the area they go to. In this example it is the stomach area.

If that area is not working properly then it causes dysfunction and you can get indigestion and heartburn. When the vertebrae are adjusted in the correct way, it takes pressure off of the nerves and then your digestion can improve.

I have hundreds, and maybe thousands of patients over the last 18 years tell me that when I adjust their mid back the heartburn goes away.

Amazing isn’t it!

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