5 Ways that we help Golfers Hit Longer Drives, and Shoot Lower Scores

⛳️ 5 Golf Tips on How We Help Golfers Play Better in Our Office ️⛳️

? With the PGA Championship going on in St Louis, Golf has been more of a topic than usual. I wanted to just give out 5 tips that we use to help Golfers play better.

✅Increase Thoracic Mobility
✅Increase Pelvic Stability and Mobility
✅No Pain = Better Swing
✅Better Balance ➡Better Posture = Better Swing
✅More Confidence = Better Swing. If you are feeling better, more mobile, you have no pain, better balance, better posture then all of that equals a more confident swing and better scores!
Let me know if you have any questions!

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