The Secret to Health

This is an excellent article written by a friend and mentor of mine Dr. Tom Morgan.

Chiropractic has more to give America than a solution to the high cost of drugs and surgery. We feel it is the best kept SECRET of HEALTH in the world today. The proof is that chiropractors and their long term patients live their lives without almost no drugs and surgery. Let’s look at this NEW MODEL. This is truly a model of “natural” health care, and a system based on better “health” at lower cost.

The human body is always changing everyday. In fact, every minute of our life tissue cells, organs and parts of our body are changing. THE KEY, TO BETTER HEALTH is couched in the health disciplines each person is involved with, and how dedicated they are when TAKING CHARGE OF THEIR HEALTH. To have the disciplines in place for each one of us THAT HELPS INNATE CHANGE THE BODY FOR THE BETTER EVERYDAY, is the personal and professional goal of chiropractors. Here is what we do.
1. As a chiropractor, I make sure that myself and my family are as subluxation free as possible – through the science of chiropractic.
2. Next, we look at all food we eat – to its value when ingested or consumed. We need to know that organic food stuff is being used by innate to regenerate and build each cell of our bodies to a better position every day.
3. Next, our bodies are made for dynamic exercise each day. Not just the cardiovascular pulmonary (CVP) systems but all the mechanical parts need vigorous exercise everyday.
4. We all know we must get adequate rest or the body runs down and becomes compromised. Its “plasticity” or reaction to its environment becomes less than normal and negative symptoms will develop.
5. And lastly, we must look at our stressors in life. We all know what positive mental attitude and a positive spiritual life can do to change our psychic for the better. We also know how adversely negative psychological activity can cause illness.

THE KEY is to develop these five disciplines. Start NOW to HELP INNATE change yourself for the better everyday. You have heard that health is a journey? Chiropractic proves this postulate to the max. We believe that medical and surgical care is for emergency situations. But on the whole, staying away from synthetic, inorganic drugs and chemicals lessens our chances to develop tumors and cancer; lessens our chances to the multiple side effects from the harmful chemicals, whose side effects fill our hospitals with iatrogenic conditions that are more prevalent today than ever before. If this is true, and we can prove it is; then the natural healing paradigm that chiropractic is responsible for teaching and practicing must be THE NEW HEALTH CARE ASSURANCE program this country if looking for.

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