Restelss Legs and Cramps

Restless Legs, Cramps, and Fevers

The topic of the month is “Restless Legs and Cramps”. To resolve cramps, restless legs, and fevers you body needs adequate calcium, but taking calcium (especially store-bought, crushed-rock calcium supplements) simply will not do. The reason is simple. Most of the calcium in these supplements is never digested, so less becomes metabolized for use, and still less gets mobilized to where you need it—in your muscles and immune cells.

Calcium absorption first requires the most absorbable calcium. That form of calcium is calcium lactate (from vegetables, not crushed shells or rocks). Second, calcium absorption requires that you have adequate stomach acid. So chronic use of antacids and acid blockers can lead to muscle cramps, and restless legs by interfering with the absorption of calcium. Calcium Lactate contains magnesium citrate, which is acid, thus helping with the acid requirement for proper absorption.

Finally, calcium mobilization requires fatty acids and iodine. Enter Cataplex F, which is a combination of these. It allows the body to mobilize calcium through the blood stream.

The same dose once or twice per day can help kids with fevers.

A dose of 3-6 Calcium Lactate and 3-4 Cataplex F once or twice per day will help greatly with cramps, restless legs, and getting your body to absorb calcium better.

For Restless Legs take 3-4 Doses per day.

Fast, Inexpensive, safe and effective treatment for Restless Legs and cramps!

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