Oh, My Back! Why You Should See a Chiropractor for Sciatica

Back pain is a far too common condition in today’s society. Around 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life. 

Many factors contribute to back pain, but for about 5-10% of lower back pain sufferers, sciatica is an issue. In a whopping 90% of those cases, a herniated disc and nerve compression is what is causing the pain.

If you are looking for sciatica pain relief, seeking help from a chiropractor is a great option. Let’s take a look at how seeing a chiropractor for sciatica can help. 

What Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors use a number of methodologies to bring pain relief to their patients. A few tools in their arsenal include

  • Ice therapy
  • Ultrasound heat therapy
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

However, the core of what a chiropractor does is make gentle adjustments to the alignment of the spine. They do this by using a variety of techniques including quick thrusts and gentle pressure. To function properly, all pressure applied must be precise and exact.

As you may know, the spinal column is made up of a string of bones called vertebrae. Between each of the bones is a small disc filled with a gel-like substance to avoid painful bone-on-bone contact.

A misaligned spine can put incorrect pressure on these discs, causing them to bulge or even rupture and leak the gel-like substance. This can result in severe pain by irritating the patient’s nerves. This is what doctors refer to as a herniated disc.

Poor alignment can also result in pinched nerves. Many times this nerve irritation causes inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain–the classic symptoms of sciatica. 

Injuries, sitting improperly, and poor posture are just some of the ways the spine can get out of alignment.  

Getting an Adjustment

Since the vast majority of sciatica cases involve a herniated disc and pinched nerves, chiropractic care is a viable option for treatment. The chiropractor can gently work on moving your spine back to a healthy position.

Once the spine is in the proper position, the disc can heal. Plus, removing the pinching on the nerve will remove the irritation allowing the inflammation, pain, and swelling to go down.

If your spine has been out of alignment for a while, the muscles attached to your vertebrae will be a little out of whack. That means that they’ll pull on the bones, causing them to slowly move back out of alignment. For this reason, you may require a few trips to the chiropractor before your spine stays in the proper position.

However, most cases of sciatica can be successfully treated with these techniques Only the most severe cases of sciatica will require surgery. These involve cases where the underlying problem is worse than a simple misalignment.

Need a Chiropractor for Sciatica?

Are you ready to find a good chiropractor for sciatica? You’ve come to the right place. If you live in or near Palmyra or Columbia, Missouri, contact us today for all your chiropractic needs.

With just a few visits you could say goodbye to your sciatica pain for good!

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