New Appraoch to Extremity Conditions

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Local Doctor Offers New Focus in Chiropractic Care

September 16, 2009—Dr. Scott Stiffey is introducing new chiropractic techniques that he recently gained in a continuing education seminar on Common Patterns of Postural Abnormalities. Dr. Stiffey received instruction on easy was to recognize hard-to-find postural problems during patient evaluation. The seminar was taught by chiropractor (and former Navy SEAL), Dr. Darwin Griffith who is known for his expertise in the field.

The seminar featured a lecture and hands-on demonstration of functional protocols. The practical nature of the seminar enables doctors to offer these new protocols immediately in their clinics.

Dr. Stiffey welcomes new patients to Pro Active Chiropractic for screenings to determine their chiropractic needs. In addition to the methods from this seminar, his practice offers a variety of therapies for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and spinal health.

For more information or to schedule appointments, contact Dr. Scott Stiffey at 573-769-2400, or you can check out their website at

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