Health and Fitness Websites

Alot of patients have been asking me about some good health and fitness websites. Here is a short list of some good ones.

10 Websites To Help You Lose Weight,

Be Healthier And Feel Wonderful In 2010


Tons of great free workout videos – with new videos and advice added all the time.


Free topics include: Lose weight, build muscle, eat healthy, pregnancy fitness, fitness calculators and free newsletters.


General Wellness, Wellness for Women, Wellness for Men, Family & Parenting, Exercise & Fitness, Diet & Nutrition, Relationships & Sex, Environmental Wellness, Personal Development, Pet Wellness


One of the most visited natural health sites on the internet.


Healthy recipes, weight loss, health, beauty.


Effective and fun training for beginners up to professional athletes.


Videos for women interested in having a serious beach body by summer!


Provides information and tips on fitness, health, career, relationships, nutrition, recipes, weight-loss and muscle building.


Tons of free nutrition tools and information.


Fitness video reviews, forums to discuss and meet like-minded people, video exchange.

Enjoy all these great websites and remember to call us at 573-769-2400 get your pre-injury evaluation before you get started working out or picking up the pace!

Of course my site has some good info also–

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