Dr. Scott Stiffey Offers Non-Surgical, No-Drug Knee Restoration System

Dr. Scott Stiffey Offers Non-Surgical, No-Drug Knee Restoration System
PALMYRA, MO / ACCESSWIRE / OCTOBER 3, 2016 / PRO ACTIVE CHIROPRACTIC, based in Palmyra, MO, now offers a non-surgical, knee decompression, and drug free knee restoration system.

Naturally, since this system does not use drugs, there are no side effects. The system uses an Advanced Muscle Procedures and laser therapy, and it has been found to help regenerate cartilage, as well as repair damaged tissue. The system can help to reverse many years of ongoing damage and is proving to be incredibly popular.

Dr. Scott Stiffey, founder of the Pro Active Chiropractic Clinic, says: “So many people suffer with ongoing, chronic pain in their knees. The simple action of getting out of bed requires warming up, and strolls in the park are simply impossible. We offer a brand new therapy program and knee decompression machine that has been proven to address chronic knee discomfort.”
The system offered by Pro Active Chiropractic has been designed to help people who suffer from cartilage damage, knee discomfort, tendonitis, bone on bone, crunching, and popping sounds, and bursitis. Most of these symptoms are signs of aging, although they can also be caused by injuries. Either way, they are debilitating symptoms and can significantly lower the quality of life of someone who is mentally active and healthy, but can no longer partake in the usual physical activities.

Since the clinic introduced their chronic knee restoration program, they have seen many patients leave their office free from complaints, and able to resume their normal activities. The treatment is non-invasive and does not require any drugs. Rather, it uses Low Level Laser Therapy, an Advanced Muscle Procedure, Knee Decompression, as well as rehabilitation activities. This helps to eliminate chronic inflammation, increase strength and mobility, reduce discomfort, and restore cartilage.
These Advanced Muscle Procedures and Laser Therapy have been popular with professional athletes, including Olympians, for some time. It has been shown to promote rapid healing in any injured tissues. “The system stimulates the natural healing process, repairing tissue and providing relief from discomfort,” adds Dr. Stiffey. “The success rate of this therapy is very high, with patients showing a consistent higher level of function.”
The clinic encourages everyone to contact them as soon as possible. The first 25 to register will be able to find out whether they are a suitable candidate at a discounted rate. This offer includes a full examination and analysis of the results. Visit their Facebook page at:

Contact Pro Active Chiropractic Clinic:
Dr. Scott Stiffey
219 S. Main St. Palmyra, MO 63461
SOURCE: Pro Active Chiropractic Clinic

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