Change your thoughts, Change your Life!

Try this Today!


Mark a “+” on your hand and for an entire 24 hour period, BE positive.

This means…

* No negative thoughts for an entire day. NOT ONE!
* No unkind comments
* No judgment
* No opinion stated internally or externally; even if someone asks for one.
* No worry, no self defeating, disempowering thoughts
* Stay away from “the news”; both on and offline.
* Excuse yourself from gossip or others’ negative based chit chat


* Look for people to compliment
* Be as uplifting as possible; to yourself and everyone around you.
* Smile more often
* Be agreeable
* Be grateful and appreciative

Just one day.

It WILL be very difficult; you watch.

But, if you can do this for just one day, you WILL have a better day.

You will notice how pervasive negativity is and how it’s been impacting your practice and your life. Why wait ’til January 1st to make some positive changes?

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