Alternatives that Work!


Thanks to new advances in research, treatments once considered “alternative” or “complimentary” are now the treatments of choice in acute and chronic neck, low back pain and headaches. According to the American Academy of Physicians, in a guideline released in 2007, spinal manipulation, exercise, massage, acupuncture, and Yoga are treatments which have been validated by research. These treatments should no longer be considered alternative or complimentary, but should be first line treatment in the battle over painful and disabling low back pain.

According to the RAND Corporation, chiropractic physicians perform 94 percent of all spinal manipulation in the United States. Additionally, patient satisfaction surveys are favorable, and the public is turning towards these non-medical types of treatments in record numbers. If you are tired of suffering low back or neck pain, give our office a call at 573-769-2400. Or visit our website at

NOTE: According to many studies, chiropractic care is safer, costs less, and is more effective than more traditional forms of care. When used in combination with other evidence-based treatment like exercise and acupuncture the potential for relief is greatly enhanced!

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